14 Questions You Might Be Afraid To Ask About Thunder Vpn Reviews

How to Setup and Install Thunder Vpn

Thunder VPN requires you to accept the Terms of Service. This is the agreement that you agree to. The standard page has several pages. Users can give feedback via the Is Free Vpn Safe limited tickbox selection below the question, "What is your problem?" [sic] There is a FAQ available to witness which features only a few hypothetical questions that may help the user This settings page is the extent of customisation available on Thunder VPN in which you can select 'Notifications' The 'About Us' page doesn't tell us much about them but there is a link to the Privacy Policy via the 'Terms of Service'

Are We Recommending Thunder Vpn

Thunder VPN: The bottom line. Lightning doesn't strike twice.

This VPN is not our favorite, but it still needs to be improved before it can be recommended.

The main problems with Thunder VPN are slow speeds, poor logging policies, and no customer support. Thunder VPN may be useful for stream BBC i. These benefits are great for Player but they come at a significant risk to your privacy and security.

If you're considering using Thunder VPN, we recommend looking elsewhere.


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Thunder Vpn Review - Free but Not Worth the Risk

Thunder VPN, an Android application is free. Upon reviewing this service, we believe that it is too risky to use for anyone serious about protecting their privacy.

Let's look at a VPN that offers "forever FREE." Thunder VPN drops this four-letter phrase that almost shouts, "Please world, please take my information, data and anything else you like!"

Review Thunder VPN. Over the years, we've seen many VPN services free of charge disappear after customers realize they are recording everything, leaking DNS, or providing poor service. Thunder VPN's future will look very different from the ones it replaced.

This is what we're going do.

Thunder Vpn Updated September 2021


Do VPN logs exist? Yes

Servers: 10

Per license: 1

There is no kill switch

Supports torrenting

Streaming Only Works on a Few Platforms Thunder VPN will not work well for streaming. The geo-restrictions for Amazon Prime Video and You were impossible to bypass. Tube US. Netflix, Disney+ Hulu, Hulu Max and BBC i. Thunder VPN was blocked by all players.